Managing Emergencies in a Global Context

The session on Enabling Systems addressed the legal, regulatory and administrative infrastructure to support global health.   This session was of importance because recent world events have shown us, there are times when it is not easy to evaluate the impact of world events on various locations where university students, faculty and staff are living, working and/or studying. Many colleges and universities are developing guidelines to assess these situations, whether they occur before individuals associated with their universities leave the United States and after they arrive at their intended destinations.

During this session participants discussed the steps their universities are taking to assure the safety of students, faculty and staff traveling abroad such as hiring travel and safety managers or creating workshops that provide information on a comprehensive approach to managing emergencies in a global context.  Some key elements of managing emergencies in a global context include travel and security information, cross-cultural training, creating travel registries, expanding the scope of current training programs, emergency evacuation insurance plans and developing international travel committees.

These are important steps to take because these precautions can help universities and various programs within universities to assess global situations, whether they occur before personnel leave for international travel or while they are at their destinations of choice.  Likewise, all participants involved in this session makes it clear that safety and security are their top priority for all university personnel when traveling and while abroad.

Prepared by Catherine Claiborne

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