The Role of Universities in Global Health-Redefining the Paradigm

The opening session of the CUGH conference provided a platform for dialog revolving around the various roles academics, researchers, and the universities  that they are linked can play in the emerging field of Global health. The distinguished speakers provided a linear progression of how the field of global health evolved over time and how the role of universities changed to keep up with the evolution of global health.

Some of the topics discussed included, but was not limited to global peace and security, emerging infectious disease, health inequalities, global brain drain, and the necessity for collaborations between universities and other stakeholders in the global health milieu.

An emerging theme that I believe is commonplace in the discourse of the future of global health is the emphasis on collaborations between industry and global health. Susan Hellman, a distinguished professor and chancellor of University of California, San Francisco provided perspective as an individual who worked in both academia and private industry and stressed how important this collaboration can be to the future of global health.

Overall, the opening session set the stage for further discourse on global health services, education, research and collaborative partnerships between academia and industry.  Hopefully the information disseminated over the course of the conference will provide the data that various stakeholders in the global health milieu will need to advance health worldwide.

Prepared by Wendell Jones

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