CUGH Partners with NACUBO to Create International Resource Center

CUGH has partnered with the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) and other organizations to develop a web resource for colleges and universities engaged in international activities.  The International Resource Center (IRC), launched in beta form at the NACUBO Annual Meeting in July, is designed to provide a framework for the key areas that institutions need to be aware of when conducting activities abroad. Although each activity has its own unique characteristics to be specifically addressed, content on the site is meant to provide general guidance.

A special session is planned for the November 2011 CUGH Annual Meeting to introduce member institutions to the tool.

The IRC site provides a rich user-generated/contributed collection of information, including:

  • Guide to international activities — a list of main activities that institutions are involved in abroad, such as collaborating with a foreign institution, sending employees and students to a foreign location, or establishing an office in a foreign country.
  • Functional area specific content — information about cash management, finance, human resources, legal, research compliance, reporting and compliance, and risk management. The topics are areas institutions need to know about when conducting business abroad, for example: hiring local employees; legal support; leasing, purchasing, and insuring facilities; safety and emergency preparedness; statutory compliance and reporting.
  • Country profiles for more than 30 countries.
  • User-contributed content — presentations, tools, checklists, and policies on running programs abroad, contributed by universities and higher education associations.
  • Articles — relevant articles about international activities.
  • Outside resources — external resources that link to a variety of sites (e.g., State Department, other federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, and travel-related sites) that also provide helpful information for international activities.
  • IRC discussion group — a key benefit of the IRC is giving users the ability to share ideas, experiences, and questions with one another.

Other partners on the project include the Association of Academic Health Centers, the University Risk Management Insurance Association, CIGNA, Huron Consulting Group, High Street Partners, Marsh, Wells Fargo, and Whiteford, Taylor & Preston.


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