Session 33: GHEC/CUGH Educational Priorities: Seeking Your Input

By Lisa Croucher, Duke Global Health Institute

Representatives from the GHEC-CUGH Education Transition Committee hosted this session to report on progress toward defining the education mission of the GHEC-CUGH partnership and to solicit input from participants on education priorities. The committee was formed to prepare recommendations on the goals and scope of education activities, core competencies (specifically in the areas of undergraduate education, law, environmental science and business), activities that would link education to service and research, integration and continued development of existing GHEC materials, and the scope of the student advisory council.

After distributing a document highlighting the accomplishments and products of GHEC, the presenters shared the charge of the transition committee and its recommendations, which will be available on the GHEC web site. During the discussion period, participants addressed both the regional and topical scope of “global health education” and debated to what extent global health education should include non-medical, non-clinical, and “non-health” fields. Some participants felt that global health education should take a more inclusive and comprehensive approach, involving business, law, anthropology, economics, etc.; others discussed global health education more in terms of medicine, public health, veterinary sciences, dentistry, nursing, etc. One of the panelists noted that the CUGH and GHEC are comprised overwhelmingly of individuals and institutions associated with medicine and that disciplinary diversification should be a priority.

(Note: the CUGH recently added three new members to its board, from the disciplines of law, engineering, and veterinary medicine.) The Education Transition Committee continues to solicit input on the educational priorities of GHEC-CUGH.

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