Program Profile: University of Kentucky

Recognizing the need to tackle global health burdens from a multidisciplinary perspective, the University of Kentucky, which calls itself “UK” established in May 2008 a twinning partnership between its School of Journalism and Telecommunications and the Zambia Institute of Mass Communication Educational Trust (ZAMCOM)

 Program Highlight: Project funding from PEPFAR via USAID in Zambia. In Zambia, UK works with ZAMCOM, Zambian print and broadcast media, the Gender in Development Division and the Ministry of Education.

Partnership Focus: UK faculty work with ZAMCOM to 1) develop and implement journalism programs focused on improving reporting on HIV and AIDS and 2) conduct on-going training in this area, and to strengthen the media in Zambia overall.

Projects in Zambia: A community radio program that develops a Community Correspondents Corps, and a partnership between radio stations and village health provider organizations. The program enables persons living with HIV or AIDS to share their stories on air, to reduce the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS, and encourage testing and treatment.  Along the same lines, the program also includes work with a monthly newspaper supplement that focuses on healthcare, youth empowerment, and the reduction of gender-based violence. The supplement is distributed in secondary schools throughout Zambia and is written by ZAMCOM students.

Program Length
University of Kentucky’s School of Journalism and Telecommunications conducts  two-week long trainings for community radio stations and community health groups as well as one-to-two-day trainings for media advertising salespeople and secondary school teachers.

Faculty: 6 members of the UK School of Journalism and Telecommunications faculty have been involved: Beth E. Barnes, Director and Professor, School of Journalism and Telecommunications; Chike Anyaegbunam, Associate Professor, Integrated Strategic Communication; Mel Coffee, Assistant Professor, Journalism; Al Cross, Associate Professor, Journalism; Alyssa Eckman, Associate Professor, Integrated Strategic Communication; Kakie Urch, Assistant Professor, Journalism.


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